What are coin decal stickers?

Coin decals add colour via a sticker to coins in your coin collection. They give a final appearance that is similar to Silver Proof finish coins by the Royal Mint, but for a fraction of the price

How to use them?

It is a very simple process to use your coin decal stickers. The decals are pre-cut for you and need to be simply peeled off the backing sheet and applied to the face of the coin in position to the matching coin design. 

TIP – some coin decals are small and intricate.  You may find it easier to peel them off and use something small to add them only the coin, such as tweezers or similar.

Do not clean the coin before adding them, you should never clean your coins in any case. Keep the decals out of direct sunlight (which you should do with your coins).

A wide range of decal themes available

So your coins now look great, but how about making them look REALLY great!

Why not add a stunning Perspex Display to your collection to show off your coins in the best possible way whilst protecting your coins.